The Baby Rooms

The Baby Rooms

These are our youngest children aged from 0-18 months. The emphasis in the baby room is love, warmth and security in a stimulating area.

We have an experienced core team of staff in each room and work with a staff ratio of 1:3. Our baby room offers an array of learning opportunities, as well as several cosy areas for children to sleep. We have a separate sensory room for children to explore lights, sounds and different textures.

From day one we promote and build strong relationships with our parents and carers. Staff are fully trained and knowledgeable and provide stimulating activities at an age-appropriate level for the children. Your baby will be allocated their own Special Carer in order that strong relationships can be built and a special understanding between the member of staff, yourself and baby can be developed. The contentment and happiness of your baby is paramount.

Every child has their own care plan that is updated regularly and implemented in every room they transition into. All the activities that we do are carefully considered so that they enhance the development of each individual child.

The babies have their own special baby garden which provides a safe and secure area to explore the outdoors at various times throughout the day. Our babies enjoy this outdoor space and are given opportunities to enhance their physical abilities as well as providing them with many more learning opportunities/experiences within the outside world. Our babies go on many walks around the local area