Outside Play

Outside Play

At Holly House Nursery we are very fortunate to have a wonderful large garden. We pride ourselves on our extensive outdoor area.

Our Garden

We emphasise that the outdoors is as much part of a child’s learning environment as the indoor environment. The garden measures over 50 metres in length and is divided into various distinct areas. A hard surface area close to the nursery allows for activities to take place such as riding on trikes and bikes, chalking on pavements, exploring the water area and somewhere for the children to run, jump and skip.

This encourages our children to interact with nature by exploring the whole garden freely in a very safe and secure environment.

The staff plan the children’s play with a balance of adult-led and child-led activities to help children think critically and be active and creative learners. They develop greater awareness of the environment as they become totally engrossed in their play. There are opportunities for imaginative play to develop their curiosity and the children can choose to work collaboratively or independently to help them make sense of the world about them.

Additional Services at our Nursery

In addition to the education we provide within the nursery, we also offer extracurricular activities for all of our children aged 2 years plus. These include Yoga.

Where possible most classes are included in the daily rate as we believe it is essential to give all children the opportunity to participate. If your child does not attend nursery on the selected day but you wish for them to participate in the classes, then you are more than welcome to bring them along for the session. Spaces may be limited so please contact the child’s key person or Melissa directly.