There’s always lots to get stuck into in the Baby room – the room is divided into the same types of area as they are in rest of the Nursery to give the children a start with a wide range of activities to enjoy and learn through.


From the interesting range of natural materials in the Heuristic area, exciting books to look at in the Cosy area, the carpet which is great for constructive and small world play, and then there’s all the things that help understanding of the real world in the Home corner – and finally, who can’t forget the gooey sticky stuff in the messy Creative area.

Structured activities are planned by the staff in the room for each day but all children are allowed the freedom to do what they choose – depending on how well they get around!

For more information about exactly what goes on in this room that aids the children at this particular time of their development then get in touch and we’d be more than happy to tell you more or make an appointment for you to come and see (and perhaps take part) for yourself.